l'âge de faire

Are you passionate about ecology, citizen values, and world solidarity? L’âge de faire is here to sensitize its audience to questions about the environment. This monthly periodical will bring readers news about initiatives they can adopt to make their lifestyle more responsible.

Edited by a Scop since 2011, its 24 pages promote an ecological and environmentally-conscious lifestyle. L’âge de faire opens readers eyes to a number of important and very current subjects. The fight against pesticides is taken on, as well as ways in which you can take part. The magazine also tackles important questions about nuclear energy and its consequences. In informative and thorough articles, you’ll also learn about households that have adopted self-sufficient models of living.

L’âge de faire will bring you everything you need to know about our ecosystem. You’ll learn about eco-construction, organic agriculture, sustainable and equitable commerce, workplace cooperation, and solidarity financing.

Plus, you’ll also get loads of concrete advice on climate-friendly alternatives available for everyday activities and tasks.

Because we believe that your favorite titles should be available to you no matter where you are, we ship worldwide for free. Don’t wait to learn more about the latest climate news thanks to L’âge de faire. 


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