Society is the new magazine that tells the story of the world we live in. Twice a month, it brings readers articles written with creative and intellectual rigor.

Its periodicity gives it a certain hindsight on current events. Society places the story at the center of its editorial policy. Thus, in the contents, readers will find themes like politics, economy, science, or culture. The tone is light and contemporary with content that combines intellect and pleasure. In any case, there’s loads of content here that you don’t want to miss.

Society covers a wide range of topics from regional to international news. Whatever your interests, you’ll find something to satisfy you in this newspaper. Covering both current events and historical facts, this popular magazine describes society with a critical and informed eye.

Topics of varying degrees of gravity are covered. One day you can dive into a complex story with many twists and turns. The next, you might read an article a few pages on in a much lighter vein.

With UNI-Presse, your Society subscription can be delivered to over 190 countries! And don’t forget, our catalog is also available in French.

The publisher will send you the digital version. You will receive your first issue within 2 weeks of your order’s validation.


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