Marianne is a news magazine that has given voice to all its readers for more than 20 years. This weekly publication will help you to understand the latest political, economic and socio-cultural events in France and around the world.

One of few truly independent publications remaining in the world, each week Marianne helps us think outside the box.

Defenders of republican values, Marianne covers every aspect of current events – politics, society, culture, etc. – in a bipartisan, committed fashion. As Camus famously said, “a taste for truth cannot prevent one from participating.”

Each article in Marianne is written by experts. You’ll find loads of open-hearted interviews with politicians and public figures. Plus, you’ll dive into the latest economic and political news. Each issue of Marianne brings you to the very heart of the latest current events.

This allows readers to explore each subject in depth. Keep informed and bring your new perspectives to the latest debates on the world around us !

Because we believe that you should have access to your favorite publications no matter where you live, we ship all over the world ! Delivery is free, and available in over 190 countries. And don’t hesitate to check out our other Lifestyle publications while you’re here!

To access the digital version of your subscription (paper + digital), you must create an account on the publisher’s website. To do this, simply collect your subscriber number from the protective film of your paper magazine.

* Your 100% digital publications will be available within 2 hours in your UNI-Presse digital library.


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