Naturelles: the magazine for consuming well, eating well, and treating yourself better.

Naturelles is an outlet unlike any other. By focusing on the therapeutic principles of naturotherapy, it proposes a new angle for improving your health.

It is a quarterly magazine, at the service of a readership concerned with cultivating a healthy life. A new generation of women’s magazine, it reflects a society that wants to get back to its roots. Designed “in-house” by specialists in natural health, it covers all the topics related to well-being and health! The “Eat well” section provides healthy recipes, the virtues of foods and warnings about highly-processed foods. The category “Taking care of yourself” includes articles about natural defenses, sleep, digestion, allergies and female intimacy. Finally, “Wellbeing” deals with subjects such as personal development, beauty, relaxation, and even holidays.

Thanks to Naturelles, you’ll discover proven methods and advice for a more natural life! Subscribe now!

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