Marie Claire

Marie Claire has everything on what captures today’s woman’s attention. Here, you get the world seen through the eyes of women. This magazine unpacks all the latest trends, from fashion to beauty to society. It has everything you need to help you embrace your femininity.

Marie Claire has always had a unique journalistic and visual identity, mixing movements from society in with tips for day to day life. With diverse sections, you won’t miss a beat in politics or the latest beauty news. This magazine is absolutely packed with all the best advice and analysis. Plus, you’ll find out about all the latest releases in the fashion and beauty worlds.

The magazine also presents exclusive reporting on the role of women in France and around the world. Each issue contains mind-blowing firsthand accounts, as well as long-form articles and photo-reporting from the best photographers in the world. Whether the subject is fashion, beauty, food, or international news, you’ll leave each issue enriched. Marie Claire is a feast for the eyes.

Advice on health and beauty is made easy to adopt into your day to day routine. Plus, who could forget all the delicious tips for cooking and wellbeing.

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