Cosmo is all about the spirit and style of today’s young women, plus the complicity of a community of readers. Psychology, beauty, fashion, good deals… a subscription to Cosmopolitan offers you everything you need to bite into life with audacity, humor and a touch of impertinence! A real burst of good humor, this magazine is the ideal remedy for recharging your batteries and giving you a boost!

Cosmopolitan features young women participating in the evolutions and trends of today’s society, but with a focus on psychological analyses of behaviors. Every month, this magazine gives you your astro horoscope, the latest fashion trends (shoes and clothes), beauty etc. Get your fill of information, tips and good deals!

An undisputed leader of women’s interest, Cosmo is a bubble of oxygen in the life of active, urban women. It’s a magazine that you don’t flip through, you read. Whether you’re on the subway or in a cozy armchair. More than an inspirational magazine, it also deals with our inner lives: friendship, relationships, and sexuality discussed without taboos. Like a coffee date with a friend with whom you share advice and comfort.

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