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▶ What are his interests?

The news

He’s addicted to current events, gets fired up deciphering politics and economics — or perhaps he prefers to keep up to date with cultural news spanning from music to film. Whether he’s passionate about science, politics, economics, or culture, in France or internationally, here you’ll find the magazine he didn’t know he needed.
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Culture and lifestyle

Does the man in your life have the heart of an artist? From cooking to decorating, to literary journals and art reviews — in this category you’ll find the best magazines on the most varied subjects.
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Travel and nature

He loves to travel and really delve into the regions and countries he visits — a real pioneer, he’s out to discover the world. From learning the history of people and civilizations, to knowing the best hole-in-the-wall lunch spot in a foreign city — this is the category for the explorers out there.
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He loves sports — playing, practicing, and cheering on his favorite teams. He wants to know about the latest and best equipment, and all the stats on the top competitors in the games he loves. Because there’s more than football — either the European or American kind — here you’ll find a selection of magazines that will make him see sports with fresh eyes.
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