A gift for a child ? A magazine subscription might be your best gift !

Give your child a gift that will accompany him or her all year long. What a joy to receive a magazine in their very own name in the mailbox. Kids will look forward to receiving their magazine with only one thing in mind: reading !

UNI-Presse offers you a selection of magazines adapted to your child’s age and interests … From toddlers to teenagers, pick the magazine that suits your child from over 60 titles published by the leading French children’s publishers. Full of fascinating stories, advice, information, cheerfulness, colors, and inventions, today’s youth press is richer than ever.

For toddlers and adults alike, our vast catalog will inspire your child to become an avid young reader! Find the magazine or newspaper for your child and let yourself be led through the thriving ecosystem of France’s children’s press. Add a free e-card to your subscription!

▶ How old is your child?

▶ What are their areas of interest?

They like to read

Your child is starting to read on his or her own and is passionate about all kinds of stories.
Or maybe they’re already greats readers eager for adventure and fiction?
This category is made for these kids! Thanks to captivating stories with colorful illustrations and endearing heroes, kids will love reading!
Discover our magazine selection!
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They’re curious about the world around them

Magazines that will inspire kids to read and learn about our vast planet.
He or she asks a lot of questions about what’s going on in the world — thanks to kid’s newspapers, our children and young people can learn how to decode current events, while acquiring truly useful knowledge that will serve them for years to come!
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They love nature

Newspaper help open the whole wide world up to children’s curious minds, and what’s more fascinating than the animal kingdom, and all its flora and fauna!
Or maybe your child prefers poring over hefty dossiers to better understand the planet?
In these magazines, kids will find captivating information on science, nature, history, and more — to learn about the world while having fun!
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They want to speak to everyone!

A complete range of magazines for your child to progress in their favorite language at their own pace, ages 6 and up.
You can also find foreign language magazines for native speakers.
Practicing a foreign language has never been such a blast!
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