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Take a moment for some me-time to read your favorite magazine — on the sofa, on a lawn chair, in your bed, on the subway or in the bath… for the woman in your life, no matter where she finds herself, we’re here to help you pick the magazine she didn’t know she needed.

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▶ What are her interests?

She likes women magazine

In a magazine she looks for entertainment — she has an eye for style, beauty, trends, and personal advice. And why not add a touch of celebrity culture, high art, and current events? Today’s woman is nothing if not versatile and engaged with the world around her.
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She’s an epicurean

She loves enjoying culinary creations by herself and others, and is always looking for the best new recipes. Whether she’s an outstanding cook or she’s just honing her skills, here you’ll find something to satisfy all her culinary desires.
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She likes to beautify her world

A fan of interior decoration, she’s always looking for new ideas and aesthetics — she likes to be kept up-to-date on new trends. Or maybe she prefers getting her hands dirty cultivating and landscaping her garden and needs expert advice on looking after her stunning and carefully-curated plants. Interior, exterior, or both — here, there’s something for everyone!
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She questions power

Passionate about science, politics, economics, culture, in France or internationally, her pleasure-reading is all about deciphering current events, economic trends, and being sure to miss nothing about the evolution of the world around us. Here she’ll find the in-depth investigations she craves, conducted by experienced investigative journalists.
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