Le Journal Spirou

Every week, Le Journal Spirou brings you 52 pages of cartoon strips. Fun for the whole family ! You’ll get the very best of this humorous troupe — Dad, Le Petit Spirou, Game Over, Cédric, Les Nombrils, and more. Plus, get ready to go on the most thrilling adventures with kids’ favorite characters — Spirou and Fantasio, Seuls, Zombillénium. Every week, subscribers will receive an exclusive supplement, too ! It may be a mini-story, a 3-D pop-up diorama, collectors cards, stickers — the surprises are endless.

In order to make sure that you get your subscription no matter where you live, we ship to over 190 countries ! Plus, shipping is free. While you’re here, be sure to check out more fun kids‘ publications, with loads of options for all ages!

The magazine is an emblem of the 9th art — the comic book! Le Journal Spirou was created was made by Jean Dupuis, and quickly became the icon of French-Belgian comic strips. Many authors have worked in its pages considered as classics.

Every Wednesday, find the latest issue of the newspaper and watch the latest pre-published series such as Les Nombrils, Harmony, Dad or Magic 7! The newspaper has always been able to invent new genres.

Comic books to discover with your family! The Journal Spirou is delivered free of charge in more than 190 countries around the world.



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