Mad Movies

Launched as a fanzine in 1972, Mad Movies has become a cult magazine for fans of fantasy cinema and creative literature. It appears monthly.

Mad Movies is the first French magazine specialized in fantasy cinema (fantasy, SciFi, horror and anime). It explores all the latest trends in this genre and criticizes films freely and independently. Mad Movies is characterized by its conversational tone and accessibility to its readers. The magazine offers news, videos, trailers and previews of upcoming films. Given that Sci-Fi and fantasy have been among the genres to provide us with the most prescient views on the becomings of our world, there’s no way Mad Movies isn’t essential to our current cultural moment!

This is the magazine of reference on genre cinema! Since November 2011, Mad Movies has been the major reference partner of the Paris International Fantastic Film Festival. Moreover, it was created by the Paris Ciné Fantastique association for the promotion of genre cinema. This magazine extends the reach of fantasy film and culture.  The legendary festival took place in the mythical Max Linder Panorama on the main boulevards of Paris.

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