L’Express is the leading French magazine in news and current events.

Here, you’ll find out about the week’s most important events. Politics, economy, society… subject up for debate in France and around the world will be decoded, explained, analyzed, and put in perspective. Nothing is off limits here, and L’Express is dedicated to objective reporting.

Each issue of L’Express contains in-depth dossiers that bring readers to the heart of current events and debates. You’ll discover all the nuances of what’s causing a buzz in our societies. Featuring exclusive interviews, journalists will bring you along as they dive into the most important of today’s investigations. Plus, you’ll find reporting on unexpected subjects that take high-quality information seriously. Fascinating interviews and articles mean you’ll be better-acquainted with today’s most important people.

L’Express will enrich your knowledge of the world. You’ll have a better understanding of events that touch all of us. Because French and international news should be accessible no matter where you live, we ship to over 190 countries! And be sure to check out other titles in our news section while you’re here.

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