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Soif !

For the most curious among us,
here’s a new must-have: Soif !

What is it?
Soif ! brings readers along to discover humanity in all its dimensions, in a documentary-comic format. It also allows readers to dive into the complexity of our past and to imagine our future. In a word: to understand and analyze the world around us thanks to the latest advances in research. All told in fun comic strips!

Information for everyone!
Soif ! aims to break the ice that separates the academic world from the general public. In a society where fake news, conspiracy theories and religious or political indoctrination are displayed without complex, it is now crucial to give greater visibility to research. Here, you’ll discover a myriad of cutting-edge subjects made accessible thanks to the Docu-comic format.

The unique pleasure of the Docu-BD
Convinced of the unifying power of the comic strip, Petit à Petit has always aimed to make knowledge accessible to the greatest number by imagining a new genre: the Docu-comic. After the playful discovery of a comic strip subject, the reader can expand his knowledge thanks to the documentary pages that complete and enrich the whole.

With a journalistic and rhythmical style, a sober, clear and airy layout, reading is made easier to allow the brain to store information easily and durably.

A variety of themes
Also children hyper-connected to business agility, the revival of polar cities or the complexity of terrorist trials… Thirst! offers fascinating dossiers of about ten pages on eclectic subjects. The objective: to convey and stimulate the desire to learn more and more… so that our thirst for knowledge is never quenched!

If you would like to discover other magazines, don’t hesitate to consult our catalog, available in French and English.

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