So Good

So Good: the magazine that highlights projects and initiatives striving for a better world.

It’s by telling inspiring stories that we raise awareness and encourage action. So Good aims to tell our story differently, through a positive and optimistic lens, all while remaining demanding and realistic. So Good highlights the courageous, the bold, the intrepid, the reckless. People who are moving the world in the right direction with their beautiful, innovative and creative projects. The magazine deals with today’s major issues – ecology, feminism, inclusiveness, democracy, solidarity, entrepreneurship – by giving a voice to those who, from far-flung continents and just a block away, fight for these values on a small or large scale. A good story is a story that is told. We share and tell by taking the time: the time to investigate and also the time to recount the successes and failures of the people So Good meets.

So Good tells these stories every three months, featuring beautifully illustrated articles, and no advertising! The key concepts to this magazine, in the words of the publisher, are people, stories and humor!

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