Sciences et Vie Découverte

Science & Vie Découverte, the kid’s magazine that’s as informative as it is fun!


Sciences & Vie Découverte is the ideal magazine for curious kids eager to understand the world they live in. Fun and easy to read, this child-friendly magazine is all about discovery, science, and nature. With 84 pages of content, this intelligent monthly takes on its themes through games, reports, comic strips, puzzles, and richly illustrated features.

Each month, young readers will to enjoy:

  • News on science, books, animals, films, new technologies, and more.
  • Files to arouse curiosity and motivate kids to discover the planet. Plants and nature, the animal kingdom, the solar system, geology, ecological awareness, robots, etc…
  • Case studies on recent topics: When Animals Team Up, The Mysteries of the Pyramids, They Walked on the Moon!

With Science & Vie Découverte, children from 7 to 12 years old learn to ask the right questions and find satisfactory answers!

While you’re here, don’t hesitate to check out our science magazines, for kids or for adults! As the world around us changes rapidly, there’s always more to learn about our planet.

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