Cosinus is THE monthly magazine for math and science-lovers aged 12 to 15. With a scientific and educational committee behind its editorial contents, this magazine is both reliable and entertaining. Even the least enthusiastic will find something here to love!

By stimulating their curiosity and imagination, the authors aim to introduce young people to math and science through simple ideas, showing them their usefulness and practicality in everyday situations. Thanks to this approach, young people develop their curiosity all while having fun! Throughout these 50-odd pages, the magazine explores the world of math and science through the following sections:

  • A complete dossier exploring a scientific subject in depth: Leonardo da Vinci and his revolutionary inventions, the origin of the universe, 9 women who have marked the history of mathematics, and more.
  • Focus reports on the latest scientific news
  • Rich and varied articles on the different fields of science: biology, astrology, zoology, ecology, etc.
  • Not to mention comic strips, games, posters, and a selection of books and exhibitions to discover!

Subscribe your teen to Cosinus to help them cultivate their love of math and science! For older kids, don’t hesitate to introduce them to science with adult newspapers! We ship worldwide and our catalog is also available in French.



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