Phosphore is the magazine that’s 100% dedicated to teenagers. It takes on subjects that concern young people and their future. The issues tackled can be individual – which career path to choose ? how to make new friends ? – or more general – how to fight global warming? how to make inequalities disappear?

Phosphore is a bimonthly appointment to sharpen teens’ perspectives on current events, develop their personality, or choose their career path.

Twice a month, kids will find reports on engaging themes written by specialists in their field. Plus, they’ll get interviews with influencers. During adolescence, a period of life when big choices start popping up, it’s better to have all the cards in hand. Some choices have big repercussions on our lives. That’s why the magazine offers testimonials from people from different backgrounds. Without forgetting the possibilities that their futures have in store, Phosphore guides young people by giving them advice and confidence.

Phosphore is both a way to relax and a way to ask the right questions at the right time. This is the magazine for living the present to the fullest and preparing for the future!
A must-read for readers aged 14 and up.

We ship worldwide and our catalog is also available in French. Subscribe today!


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