I Love English World

I Love English World allows you to perfect your English, starting from age 15!

Every month in I Love English World you’ll receive a wide variety of international news written by Anglo-Saxon journalists. You’ll also get audio CDs and access to the e-learning program.

Subscribing to this magazine provides a rendez-vous with language via Anglo-Saxon news. In each issue, you’ll find exciting reports and investigations on social issues. The articles are specifically written to help you progress quickly in English.

You’ll also get lots of different sections :

Report: Politics, economy, society, travel, social phenomena…
Profile: Profiles of men and women in the news.
Snapshot: Famous photographs to take us back in time, into the heart of historical events.
Success Story : Looks back on British and American successes.
Culture : Cinema, series, music…
World focus : A world tour of current events with a selection of 4 images.
World news : Science, medicine, politics, economy… The essential news from the past month!
Plus, much more fun and entertaining content!

I Love English World gives high school and university students all the keys to success in their second language!
Don’t hesitate to discover other magazines for your child — our website is available in both French and English.

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