I love english + cd

I Love English + CD is the magazine for progress in young adult English!

Each column has been designed to help young adults improve their English language skills:

  • Report: a fascinating report on the culture and traditions of Anglo-Saxon society: New York, A school in England, etc.
  • Look: an explanation on an image of a great symbol of Anglo-Saxon culture: the Statue of Liberty, Times Square,…
  • People: portraits of teenagers’ favorite stars! Pharell Williams, Katy Perry, Emma Watson, etc…

I Love English + CD also includes :

  • Success Story : close-ups on a character, a monument or a mythical place that has marked the Anglo-Saxon world: Charles Dickens, the Titanic, the history of the Starbucks brand, Sherlock Holmes, etc.
  • Language Corner: tests, expressions, and games to boost your English.
  • Photo Story: a photo novel about the daily life of Anglo-Saxon teenagers. Another way to read English.
  • Crazy: totally crazy photos for surprises, laughter, and discovery.
  • Plus comic book pages for wholesome fun, in English of course!

With an I Love English + CD subscription, you’re giving your teenager a head start in English!

A magazine, 10 audio CDs to work on listening comprehension, 3 months of personalized online lessons: guaranteed to succeed in English!

Don’t hesitate to discover other magazines for your child! Our catalog is available in French and English.


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