Science & Vie Junior

Sciences & Vie Junior is the ideal magazine for curious young people. For teens who want to understand the world around them and assimilate the latest scientific news, don’t miss this magazine! With 100 pages of content, this smart monthly publication takes on its themes via experiments, reports, comic strips and richly illustrated articles. Fun and easy to read, this magazine is resolutely oriented towards discovery and knowledge. With a modern layout and a tone that is as humorous as it is educational, Science & Vie Junior puts science within everyone’s reach.

Here are a few examples of subjects recently covered in the magazine :

  • 10 places that remain to be explored
  • 5 surprising remedies to heal our ocean
  • How can we rebuild Notre Dame de Paris?
  • Looking into black holes
  • How does our body defend itself?
  • Did King Arthur really exist?

Teenagers will find answers to their deepest questions in Science & Vie Junior. Without a doubt, it’s one of the best youth science magazines out there!

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