Geek Junior

Geek Junior is a monthly magazine aimed directly at teens!

With these 32 splendid pages, your teen will become an actor in a diverse and exciting world! Moreover, it also brings a practical approach to tools and keeps kids up to date with their favorite nerdy news. Programming, robotics, applications, social networks, and more.

How are we to live digital lives on a daily basis? The different sections aim to answer this pressing question and many more. In addition, the magazine offers concrete tutorials that explain how to use an application, how to program, or how to make an electronic montage. Plus, Geek Junior Le Mag also allows kids to keep up to date with the latest news. In addition, they’ll find school and media resources.

Geek Junior is a real innovation, with a compelling educational dimension. It is an editorial project initiated by the journalist Christophe Coquis, founder of the online medium Geek Junior, created in 2015.

What will Geek Junior bring to teens? A solid digital culture, a knowledge of their rights and duties in the digital world, and a mastering of their digital identity.

So don’t hesitate, this is the magazine for the whole digital family! If you want to discover other magazines for teens, check out our website in French and English.

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