Méli Mélo Relax

Kick back and relax with Méli Mélo Relax

Would you like to spend some time just chilling? Discover Méli Mélo Relax, the magazine made for sitting back and taking a load off. Have fun, relax, and work your brain with the 120 puzzles you’ll find herein. Small, medium and large grids follow one after another, all accompanied by an original riddle to answer.

Find the hidden word! Once you have discovered all the words on the list in the grid, horizontally, vertically and diagonally, you will have 8 letters left to put in the right order and which will allow you to reconstitute the answer.

Are you a game fan? Check out our complete catalog of games: puzzles, arrow puzzles, sudoku, and more.

Receive your games wherever you are! We deliver in 190 countries ! Plus, our catalog is available in French and English.


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