Chassés Croisé L’Original

With Chassé croisé L’original, go from words to full texts via letters!

This unique game allows you to reconstitute extracts from authors’ texts by first finding the definitions of the associated grid.

Lovers of beautiful prose, it’s up to you to show off your talents. The goal? Find the text of the literary extract, its author and the title of the work. The difficulty is increasing and small literary games are there to distract you throughout the pages!

The literary treasure hunts are like a word game whose starting point is inspired by crossword puzzles but whose goal is to reconstruct an extract from a literary work.
Thus, each game is composed of two grids: a grid of words to discover and a grid of text. All this in order to vary your pleasures, for a playful and amusing game.

Chassé croisé L’original mixes knowledge, intuition and literature, all in an entertaining book. An ally of quality but also of quantity for the pleasure of entertaining you! Exercises are available from level 2 to 6, in order to help you evolve to your maximum ability  thanks to this ideal brain sport.

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