Sudoku Varia niveau 4/5

Sudoku Varia niveau 4/5 brings your inner Sudoku whizz all that it desires!

Here, the classic grids give way to grids with letters, colors in cubes. Sudoku Varia level 4/5 is full of surprises!

At first, Sudoku comes in the form of a grid with a series of numbers (or letters or symbols) all different. None of them can be found more than once on the same line, in the same column or in the same region. There are different names such as “block”, “group”, “sector” or “sub-grid”. In addition, the symbols are numbered from 1 to 9 with regions arranged in rows of three by three. There are a few symbols in the grid, which allows a progressive resolution of the complete problem.

Curious about Sudoku Varia niveau 4/5 origin story? This game was created in 1979 by the American Howard Garns. However, it was originally inspired by the Latin Square by the Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler. The interest lies in the simplicity of its rules and the complexity of its solutions. Each grid has a different level of difficulty. The editor can indicate a probable resolution time. Several electronic versions have been inspired by this game and bring a new interest to the resolution of grids.

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