Fléchés Pratique

Fléchés Pratique level 2-3 has everything you love: 82 grids, new crossword puzzles in each issue, and a format suitable for everyday use! In other words, you’ll get more than one crossword per day. This bimonthly magazine will allow you to progress at your own pace towards higher level crossword levels. Every day, this game will bring you a pleasant, fun moment for yourself!

Fléchés Pratique presents you with games of letters, a cousin of traditional American crosswords. The goal is to place word letters in boxes on a grid. These grids are also rectangular and this makes it possible to find words thanks to definitions placed as hints in the grid. Mots fléchés were born in Sweden. In 1969, Jacques Capelovici imported this game to France. Today, these games have become a real success! Fléchés Pratique exercises a particular form of linguistic intelligence. The goal here is to reason as quickly as possible by associating synonyms. Successfully completing these puzzles requires good knowledge of general culture, including literature, History, geography, mythology. So you’ll be working both your linguistics, and your cultural knowledge and memory!

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