Les Arts dessinés

Les Arts dessinés has the latest in illustrative mediums of all kinds!

Les Arts dessinés is the dBD group’s most voluminous and chic publication. In 170 pages, every three months this hardback magazine brings readers all the current events in drawing – in all its forms. Indeed, this vast magazine features :

  • Press cartoonists, illustrators, comic book authors, painters, decorators, video directors, and more.
  • Testimonies on their passion for art and drawing;
  • Exclusive interviews with Les Arts dessinés, introducing you to the most exciting creators of our day.

Every person born with a pencil in their hand, a brush in their chest pocket or a pen stuck behind their right ear has a place in Les Arts dessinés. Illustrators both obscure and overwhelmingly well-known recount their passion throughout these issues. Frédéric Bosser has gathered an energetic team to fill the present pages with rich and varied drawings. This stunning title offers one of the most beautiful views on the world of illustration. This publication knows no borders, and featured artists hail from all four corners of the world.

Every three months, Les Arts dessinés brings readers fascinating highlights on their favorite artists.

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