L’objet d’art

L’Objet d’art is a magazine that allows you to follow all the latest artistic news. It focuses on a wide variety of media, from painting to textiles and ceramics. This magazine takes you along to discover the latest creations. You’ll stay entirely up-to-date on exhibitions and discoveries in the history of art. Not to mention the calendar of upcoming events!

From time immemorial and everywhere in the world, men and women have produced works of art. Thanks to them, today a multitude of styles coexist, much to the delight of art lovers. Whether you are a fan of French impressionism, Japanese printmaking, American Pop Art or any other form of art, you will find just the ticket in L’Objet d’art.

Art results from the historical context of a culture. Technical advances such as oil painting, the mastery of bronze or photography are all technological advances that have revolutionized the art world. History and art have perhaps always gone hand in hand.

With a subscription to L’Objet d’art, you will receive flawlessly-documented materials on artists, movements, styles, and more.

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