La Revue Dessinée

La Revue Dessinée, the news in comic form! 

La Revue Dessinée brings readers over 200 pages of the latest news: investigations, reports, documentaries. Every 3 months, this magazine offers you the news, illustrated – created by pairs of talented cartoonists and journalists.

Here, the editorial team seeks to restore interest in the news and devote more time to reflection on what we see and hear. A critical perspective, engaged but objective. The magazine is committed to freedom of opinion, ensuring the diversity of points of view and forms. La Revue Dessinée features all kinds of subjects: economy, ecology, politics, society, music, cinema, wars and possible utopias. Some examples of recent topics:

  • Everywhere, all the time: video surveillance has conquered the heart of cities… and of elected officials.
  • The mechanics of the fake: diving into the factory of false information.
  • Badlands : for travellers, “welcome” areas are a misnomer.
  • The hiding place: after years of public service, former cops contract with private firms.
  • Semantics is elastic: in the mouths of politicians, “software” has become a cliché.

Founded in September 2013, La Revue Dessinée now has over 20,000 subscribers. You, too,  can join the movement!

Find all our general news titles on our website in French, or in English! We deliver to over 190 countries!



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