TOPO, the news in comics for smart teens, and the rest of us !

TOPO is over 140 pages of news in comic form!  This magazine is an independent editorial project managed by its founders. Their ambition was to make information available to young people, in ways that made it interesting and accessible. It was in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo tragedy, which deeply affected adolescents and the population more widely, that the founders realized value in offering graphic forms of reading the news.

Every two months, TOPO brings young people will get the latest on current events, illustrated with care and humor. Here are some examples of the topics covered:

  •  Instagram: an unfiltered story.
  •  What is laïcité, or secularism?
  • Sonya, 23, born under Putin, dreams of a life without him.
  • Where are the stars?
  • Racist and sexist, OSS 117 is back in action.

TOPO is an in-depth introduction to freedom of expression. Through poignant drawings, young people will forge their critical thought and get a new perspective on significant events.

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