Mon Quotidien

Mon Quotidien is the only newspaper for readers between 9 and 13 years of age.

Every day, kids will get 8 pages specially written to help your child understand the world around them.

In ten minutes a day with Mon Quotidien, kids will be sensitized to current events in France and around the world. They’ll learn new things, all while discovering the pleasure of reading.

Issues are composed of articles and games conceived to help them learn while having fun. The themes taken on are numerous and extremely diverse. Kids will learn about the economy, sports, French and international culture, and more. Mon Quotidien‘s content is adapted to your child’s school curriculum. In order to help with reading comprehension, difficult words are underlined and explained. This means that your child will enrich their vocabulary, all while learning about the world. On Mondays, you’ll also get a special issue containing the “photos of the week”!

Plus, articles are written by professional journalists. Experts in their field for years, they’ll bring you and your family the latest and most important in current events. Information from around the globe will no longer be a secret for your preteen!

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The digital version will be sent to you by the editor. You’ll receive the first issue within two weeks of your order’s validation. 


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