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Since appearing in 1955, L’Œil magazine has been pursuing the same objective: bringing art into the lives of as many people as possible. That is not to say that l‘Œil is aimed at beginners or offers a vulgarisation of art. Rather, it is a reference magazine in the art field, dealing exclusively with the fine arts such as painting, sculpture, photography, drawing…

Every month, it brings its readers over 130 pages of art ancient and modern art history as well as contemporary creation. The articles are written by the best art historians and cover every period from antiquity all the way to modern and contemporary art. The texts are written in a precise and educational manner, enriching art lovers and serving as references for art specialists.

The magazine is made up of 6 main sections:
– A 360-degree overview of all news in the art world.
– Major features, studies and stories.
– Interpretation of an iconic art piece, 30 pages describing a specific period in the history of art.
– Selection of exhibitions in Paris, nearby regions and around the world. Editor’s favourites and cultural agenda.
– Panorama of fairs, expert appraisals of art pieces and a selection of galleries and antique dealers.
– Art in literature and the media. Interviews, portraits…

Reading this monthly magazine will quickly become a way for you to relax and discover exhibitions from around the world.

If you are passionate about the world of arts and culture, interested in current events and eager to make artistic discoveries… then L’Œil is for you!

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