Gourmand is here to add a burst of flavor to your life, all while making it that much easier!

Twice a month, Gourmand brings you the best tips and recipes for tasty meals that are a breeze to prepare! Because we don’t always have the time and inspiration to amp up our meals, this magazine provides readers delicious solutions.

Behind the articles is a passionate and generous editorial team, sharing its latest findings, favorites, and of course, cooking and ingredient tips. Consistently featuring selections of seasonal fruits and vegetables, entertainment and hosting ideas — the Gourmand team is committed to offering you the best!

Here you’ll find:

  • The latest culinary trends: sandwiches, verrines, sushi, etc…
  • Portraits and interviews with up-and-coming chefs
  • More than 65 recipes per issue, more than enough to please the whole family, including picky eaters!
  • A product focus to help you make the right choice of ingredients.

Jazz up your meals with Gourmand, and don’t hesitate to browse through other selections in our Lifestyle section. With UNI-Presse, get your French-language magazines wherever you live: we deliver to more than 190 countries! Our catalog is available in French and English.

*To access your digital version, you have to create an account on the publisher’s website. To do this, pick up your subscriber number from the protective film of your paper magazine.


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