Fléchés Vacances

Travel easy with Fléchés Vacances

Relax by the beach, in a mountain chalet by the fireplace, or in a beautiful country house with your Fléchés Vacances game magazine. Slip it into your bag, don’t forget your pencil, and enjoy the fun!

Large format, full color, and 100% games! It’s the must-have gaming magazine for your vacations. Dive into these pages to try your luck with the contest grid and solve the riddle that may even help you win a trip, along with many other gifts!

Fléchés Vacances will keep you busy with 210 puzzles of arrow words, and several levels of difficulty, from 1 to 4. You’ll progress slowly but surely to become an absolutely masterful player. Want to spice up your vacations? This bimonthly magazine also offers you, in addition to its 210 grids, a booklet containing 88 sudoku, binero tectonic, and rikudo games.

It’s good to have fun! So don’t hesitate, dive into the pages of your new favorite game magazine!

Are you a game fan? Check out our complete catalog of games: crosswords, arrow words, sudoku, and more.

Receive your games wherever you are! We deliver to 190 countries! Out catalog is available in French and English.


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