Fléchés degré 5-6

Fléchés degré 5-6, for expert players

Fléchés degré 5-6 is the ideal game magazine for all the most seasoned arrow word players, those who want to test themselves against 68 large grids full of original, informative, and challenging definitions.

Arrow words is a word game where you place letters in boxes based on the definitions associated with them. The boxes can be horizontal or vertical. They then form words that fill in the word grid.

This game uses a special form of intelligence — specifically, “linguistic”. Thanks to this game magazine, you will learn the technique of the dartboard, which will help you reason as quickly as possible by associating synonyms. This requires a solid general culture in subjects such as literature, history, geography and mythology.

In this bimonthly, measure yourself against the highest level of difficulty — if you’re up for it! Fléchés degree 5-6 will allow you to mold the language of Molière to your liking. Each puzzle is linked to a riddle whose solution you will find by filling in the numbered boxes. You can be sure, the more you browse the pages of this magazine, the more your curiosity will be piqued.

This magazine will help you relax and provide you with pleasant moments of reflection, fun, and relaxation.

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