Anagrammes Fléchées

Anagrammes fléchées is a fun magazine that lets you play with letters and give them a whole new meaning!

Did you know that French dictionaries contain between 60,000 and 100,000 words? Build, model and arrange letters to construct hundreds of words and learn new ones. What’s more, the words you’ll discover in this magazine all have a special feature: they are all anagrams. If you are a classic crossword player then you are used to words being indicated with a description. Here an anagram replaces the description. In other words, you have to mix the letters to get another word.

For example: APERO ==> OPERA

Anagrammes fléchées is ideal for people who are tired of crossword puzzles; it’s a revisited and fun version of the iconic game. Not to mention the puzzles offered in the special issues!

Develop your reflexes, speed, and brain health by playing with words. Find the answers at the end of each issue to verify that your responses were correct.

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