Jeux évasion

Jeux évasion is 132 pages of all kinds of games, to help you escape from daily worries! Every three months, you’ll receive arrow and crossword puzzles, sudoku and code words, and more. Cerebral games are intellectual sports that require reflection but also skill, observation and alertness.

Arrow words are also known as “Swedish arrow words”. This kind of game has gained enormous popularity over the years ! Swedish arrow words tap a special form of intelligence called “linguistic” intelligence. The objective is to reason as quickly as possible by associating synonyms.

With games at different levels, Jeux évasion allows you to play with numbers and letters at your own pace. It’s simple: games for everyone, every day! This allows you to work on your memory and your general culture, including literature, history, geography, mythology. Thanks to games that draw on these varied forms of intelligence and knowledge, you’ll keep your mind sharp no matter your age ! Here you’ll find fun for the whole family.

In addition to a detachable notebook to take with you everywhere, try your luck to win numerous prizes.

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