Codés Varia

Codés Varia likes to make you think! Do you like solving coded word games? Then pick up a copy today! Classic grids, silent grids and all their variants: arrow coded, coded excerpts, encrypted quizzes …

Codés Varia‘s Arrow keys and coded word games were born in Sweden. It was in 1969 that a linguist, Jacques Capelovici, imported them to France. Today, these games are increasingly successful and far exceed their ancestors. This is the reason why arrow words are also known as “Swedish arrow words”. The crossword puzzle takes the form of a square crossword puzzle grid. Codés Varia exercises a special form of intelligence known as “linguistic” intelligence. Word games are a great way to keep your cognitive and memory skills sharp, so be sure to pick one up today !

Codés Varia games can be laid out horizontally or vertically. The player must then press the direction of the arrow and the arrow is placed next to the square containing the definition to note down the corresponding solution. In France, two press publishers share the bulk of the crossword and arrow market for amateurs and enthusiasts: Megastar and Sport Cérébral Editions. Codés Varia’s  games require a strong sense of general culture such as literature, history, geography, mythology.


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