Anagrammes Évasion

Anagrammes Évasion, the game magazine for wordsmiths!

Anagrammes Évasion will teach you to play with the language of Molière and give new meanings to words. If you are a fan of arrow words, this game magazine will put you to the test. There are no word descriptions here, only anagrams that will allow you to complete the grids.

In 100 pages, three variants are proposed to players: alphabetical anagrams where the letters of the word to be found are classified in alphabetical order. Word for word: each definition is an anagram of the word to be found; and finally, bonus anagrams, where it will be necessary to find one or two words which will be revealed when the grid is filled. There’s more than enough here to keep you busy for hours!

With one grid per day, Anagrammes Évasion can keep you occupied for 2 months! Enough to make you a seasoned arrow word player.

With Anagrammes Évasion, it is good to play!

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