Fléchés Degré 3-4

Fléchés Degré 3-4, for everyday players

Are you an everyday gamer? Do you want to relax after a hard day’s work? Then Fléchés Degré 3-4 is for you!

Fléchés Degré 3-4 is a word puzzle magazine that contains large grids with varied vocabulary, elaborate definitions, and intermediate level puzzles that are perfect for players who want to progress, or for those who just want to have fun.

Arrow words is a word game that involves placing letters in boxes based on the definitions associated with them. The boxes can be horizontal or vertical, and form words that will then fill the word grid.

This game uses a particular form of intelligence — specifically, “linguistic”. Thanks to this game magazine you will learn the technique of the dartboard, which will help you reason as quickly as possible by associating synonyms. This requires a solid general culture in subjects such as literature, history, geography, mythology.

Fléchés Degré 3-4 contains large grids with a varied vocabulary, elaborate definitions and riddles: thus, relaxation goes hand in hand with the pleasure of research and concentration!

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