Sudoku Samouraï level 4

Have a blast with Sudoku Samuraï level 4! As we all know, there are loads of varieties of Sudoku. Here, subscribers will find games like Sudoku marathon, kamikaze. The perfect challenge for Sudoku enthusiasts! Plus, you’ll be treated to over 50 different game grids in your Sudoku Samuraï level 4 !

Sudoku is a mathematical grid game that tests your logic. No two numbers are to be found more than once in the same row, column or region. There are different names such as “block”, “group”, “sector” or “subgrid”. In addition, the symbols involved are numbers from 1 to 9 with regions arranged in 3×3. There are some numbers already placed in the grid, which allows a progressive resolution of the game.

This game was created in 1979 by Howard Garns, but inspired by the Latin square game by Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler. It’s grown to be well-loved all over the world thanks to the simplicity of its rules and in the complexity of its solutions. The grids all boast different levels of difficulty. The editor can indicate a probable solution time, but everything depends on the player’s brain-power!

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