Croisés 7 Étoiles

Croisés 7 Étoiles, the magazine for the crossword-whizz!

This magazine brings together the greatest crossword writers: a host of demanding and mischievous minds have composed this level 7 magazine. Between excitement and apprehension, just a quick flip through these pages should be enough to confirm that this magazine is positively unparalleled.

In these grids, there is horsing around, no banal riddles, no boilerplate definitions. Croisés 7 Étoiles offers original and ambiguous grids. The authors slip in discreet references and subtle allusions. It is up to you to decode them and to foil their formidable traps. These multi-format grids are great for players reckless and careful alike… they’re for all those who like to overcome challenges. Make way for humor, creativity, style… in a word, the best of crossword puzzles!

Every 2 months, you’ll get more than 50 pages of puzzles with Croisés 7 Étoiles — many hours of stimulating fun!

Pocket-sized, it’s easy to carry and bring along with you anywhere. So don’t wait, jump into the adventure and take up the challenge! Subscribe today!

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