Sudoku XXL Niveau 2-3

Sudoku XXL Niveau 2-3, Samurai Sudoku

Do you like sudoku? Are you an expert at the game, looking for a more difficult challenge ? Sudoku XXL Niveau 2-3 is made for you ! In this magazine you will find sudokus composed of 5 classic 9 x 9 grids! With three levels of difficulty, this bimonthly magazine adapts to your improvement and allows you to progress at your own pace.

The popular Japanese puzzle game Sudoku is based on the logical arrangement of numbers. As a logic game, Sudoku requires no special math or calculation skills. All that is required is a brain and concentration.

With Sudoku XXL you’ll get over 70 hours of play — you’ll challenge your logic skills with variations of Sudoku Samurai that will challenge you and help you to become a Sudoku expert.

Do you like to play with numbers and letters? Consult our catalog of complete games: crossed, coded, cased, and more.

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