Sporteen is the leading magazine on sports and more, especially for young people aged 9 to 14.

This bimonthly magazine will accompany them throughout their middle-school years. Every 2 months, your teenager will receive 56 pages that will help them in a host of ways. They’ll:

  • Get informed and involved: a magazine of information and sports news will keep them informed and satisfy their curiosity about sports and athletes.
  • Discover and travel: Sporteen explores new countries, cultures, histories, and customs, through sports!
  • Learn and imagine: a magazine that delivers real analysis, explaining the links between health and sports, jobs in the field, expressions related to athletics, sports legends, etc.
  • Develop their character: this magazine accompanies teenagers construction of self, through an inclusive and pro-social vision of sports.

So don’t wait, to offer your teenager the opportunity to learn and read about athletics: subscribe your teenager to Sporteen! And don’t forget, we deliver to over 190 countries! Our catalog is also available in English and French.


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