Plus de peps

Who says getting older has to be boring? Plus de Peps is THE bimonthly destined for mature women. It’ll send you the best advice, creative ideas, and loads of tips  to improve your day to day life. This magazine brings together loads of the smartest tricks for all the different parts of your life. It’s a guide that full of freshness, here to guide you into another new stage of your already-rich life.

Life after 50 is just entering its brightest stage. With Plus de Peps you’ll get a host of new adventures to apply to the different aspects of your life. In each issue, you’ll find beauty advice that’s perfectly tailored for you. You’ll also get articles on health and wellbeing that will push you to try new things. Plus, who can forget all the tips you’ll receive on healthy, conscious cooking, designed to keep you at the top of your game. You’ll be kept up to date on the latest styles in fashion and design, as well!

Enjoy unforgettable moments by gifting yourself a subscription to Plus de Peps. Because UNI-Presse believes you should get your favorite titles no matter where you live, we ship for free to over 190 countries! You never need to be without your favorite French magazines. Plus, while you’re here, be sure to check out our other Lifestyle magazine offers.

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