Secrets d’Histoire

Secrets d’Histoire is the ideal magazine for History enthusiasts. Like the show on France 2 and on Youtube, Stéphane Bern offers readers a dialogue around historical figures. Alexandre the Great, Louis Philippe, Bonaparte, Marie Stuart, Cleopatra, and many more.

If you are passionate about History, and want to deepen your knowledge of Bern’s work, this magazine is made for you. This magazine is for history lovers who want to deepen their knowledge in a fun and entertaining way.

With a subscription to Secrets d’Histoire, you will learn more about periods that marked history and our heritage. Many surprises await you throughout these pages — full of emotion, intrigue, and discovery! In addition to the usual issues, you’ll also get two unpublished special issues with your subscription.

If you want to learn more and benefit from an authentic and reliable training, then subscribe to Secrets d’Histoire to discover the History of France, and thus better understand today’s world.

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