Each month, L’Histoire brings readers an in-depth history dossier, richly illustrated and created by leading experts.

The magazine zooms in on a particular country or specific event (the Russian revolutions, for example…), on a people or a city (the Cathars, Venice…). Some issues will focus on a character who changed the course of History (William the Conqueror, Newton…). The magazine covers all periods from Antiquity to the Revolution, from the Middle Ages to the modern age.

L’Histoire also lends an important place to current research, publishing, exhibitions, etc. Quality illustrations, documents and iconography enrich the varied articles. The magazine’s objective is to publish:

  • historical summaries
  • rich analyses of the present world in the light of history
  • current research and debates
  • information as useful to specialists as it can be for enthusiasts, between Annales and Historia. 

Subscribe today to the journal that has been unanimously acclaimed by history buffs since 1978! Passionate about history and its adjacencies, L’Histoire is the magazine to quench your thirst for knowledge and discovery. You’ll come out of each issue with an enlightened view on the present and our past.

The perfect magazine for history enthusiasts!

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