plum magazine

Plum Magazine is here to give children an introduction to nature and ecology. Discover the magazine that will connect your child to their senses, thanks to its elemental approach. Water, air, fire, and earth ; kids will be fascinated by the world around them!

Under its joyous atmosphere, Plum Magazine takes important subjects seriously. Kids will be transported into a world of learning and benevolence that will help them develop and maintain an open mind. Nature is taken on in an educational manner without infantilizing children. Special sections also help children ask their own unique questions about the world around them.

Issue after issue, children will get informed on environmental and ecological questions. Plum Magazine addresses a host of different aspects of life from an environmental standpoint. All this intriguing information will help kids discover, understand, and engage with their surroundings.

Plus, you’ll get all the latest news on the climate, including initiatives both collective and individual. To demonstrate its engagement, Plum is environmentally-friendly in its printing materials. Plus, the few ads contained in the magazine are all responsibly evaluated before printing.

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