La Hulotte

La Hulotte is the magazine for young adults who want to learn about the wild animals, flora, and fauna of Europe.

La Hulotte is entertaining and rigorously researched, with loads of images and information that you won’t find anywhere else. This little encyclopedia of nature reads like an adventure novel and amazes kids and parents, from 7 to 107 years old! Loads of beautiful illustrations help readers understand exactly how nature works. Whether in the woods or in rolling fields, nature is filled with wonder. Ecosystems are explained in order to analyze how they work. Every theme is taken on in a fun and educational way. Little ones, their older siblings, and parents can all understand the wonderful world around us.

La Hulotte can’t be found in kiosks or bookstores. This little gem is only available by 6-issue subscriptions, with a new publication each semester.

Subscribe today to La Hulotte, the most-loved journal for nature enthusiasts ! Amazing ecosystems flourish all over the planet, just waiting to be discovered, and we should all know more about them. This magazine will help you improve your knowledge on environmental cultures, and you’ll be able to share it all with friends and family. Get in-depth explanations and open your eyes to the world around us. Plus, while you’re here, check out more publications on our French site.




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