Every month, your child discovers the amazing world of art thanks to his or her Olalar magazine. With the little elephant and his chick friends Croki and Gomme, come and discover the story of an artist or of a famous piece of work. This will allow both you and your child to improve your knowledge of art and culture! You’ll also visit the world’s most beautiful museums and monuments through fun comic strips.

Little ones will also get their first taste of the joy of reading with Olalar. Plus, comic strips will introduce them to a world filled with illustrations and images. The fun shapes and forms will pique their curiosity. You’ll be along for the ride with an intriguing story about a famous monument. Together, you’ll get to play games that will help kids describe works of art.

In addition to this, Olalar brings you special sections that introduce kids to art analysis. Plus, loads of activities that you can do together will produce important bonding moments for you and your child. What’s more, each issue contains ideas for family get-togethers, leaving everyone artistically satisfied!

Olalar magazine also includes nursery rhymes, poems and funy songs, so as many funny and inventive activities that arouse children and parents’s curiosity.

At UNI-Presse, discover many other magazines for children aged 3 to 6 years old. We think art should be accessible to kids wherever they may live, which is why we ship to over 190 countries!


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