Quelle histoire mag

With Quelle histoire mag your child will become an explorer, discovering the history of the world in a fun and entertaining way. All aspects of life are covered thanks to the numerous different headings. This magazine stimulates history enthusiasts’ endless curiosity, starting with the discovery of major events, personalities, and historical dilemmas. This is why, since its creation, this publication has developed colorful graphic treatments well-adapted for children. Plus, readers will have the chance to ask a historical character their most pressing questions, learning about people’s everyday lives during an important historical event. This magazine is published every month, bringing your child culture in an educational fashion. Quelle histoire mag is for you !

Find in each issue :

  • A 25-page thematic dossier retracing a major historical event
  • A zoom-in on a prominent civilization
  • The discovery of an incredible invention
  • Portraits and interviews with remarkable personalities
  • Games, quizzes and comic books for fun
  • A dictionary and timelines to help kids understand the stories in front of them

By receiving this subscription each month, your child will develop his or her curiosity, giving free rein to their creativity! Subscribe to Quelle histoire mag today!

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